Do you want to know my list of photography websites?

Like many of you, I do not have much time or luck to have every opportunity to try out the new products.  Taking photography is not my daily job, although I wish I were a professional. Should I be contented that I am not a professional?  Frankly speaking I enjoy what I am doing now. I can freely take any shot I like and share with the others. So far I am so pleased to have some spare time every week to share with you my thoughts, or trying out some cameras and lens which I own or borrow. I reckon unless I won the jackpot in a lotto, this way of life will be the same for some more years.

This is a world of rapid changes. Either you choose not to follow or you keep track as closely as you can. I am not really tech savvy but my job requires me to keep up to date with the learning technology and trends. This trend is moving on in a super fast speed at the moment. Some of you may stay put, but I won’t. I am embracing the new technology and the future. But I try to stay away from fancy gears and unnecessary equipments.

Where do I get the news from? It is that simple: online photography sites. Many of us who want to connect to this world have to see what is being reported on the Internet. These site are far quicker in delivering news than watching television or newspaper in general.  To be honest, I have not seriously read through a newspaper from the front to the end for a long time. The idea today is truncated into very very short text messages and phrases, like those you find in Twitter. As we are bombarded with messages, it is not a surprise to see we retweet all the time to share with friends in our circle.

Below is my list of photography websites from which I learn photography every day:

  1. Digital Photography Review.  This is by far the most comprehensive website and it delivers the most recent, diversified photography news and reviews.  The site have made another site called Connect which focuses entirely on mobile technology. Digital Photography Review is very professional and the website design is very professional and information is well organised.
  2. 1001 Noisy Cameras. This website presents photography news like a blog page and full of text. It is best known for being so comprehensive in summing up news and updates. However, sometimes it is hard to search for its previous content and as you can imagine, the blog style website is fully packed with information.
  3. Luminous Landscape. This is the website of Michael Reichmann who has written many impartial and quality camera and lens reviews. Michael is one of a few photographers who truly understand photography and his reviews (also the guest reviews) are must reads. Michael has made many videos about learning a software application such as Adobe Lightroom. Lately Michael is recovering from a cancer surgery.  I wish him best of luck on the mend.
  4. Tao of Leica. I mentioned several times about Erwin Puts and his books on Leica on this site. So far none of his books disappoints me. You can find many valuable reviews from Erwin on Leica cameras and lens, as well as other brands (e.g. Canon and Fujifilm) and his thoughts on photography.
  5. Thorsten Overgaard’s site. I find lots of practical Leica tips on Thorsten’s website. His reviews on Leica M series cameras are unique and very wonderful. There are many nice photographs taken from Leica cameras on Thorsten’s site.

Happy browsing.

Featured image: The Lilies. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f4.8, 1/180 sec

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