Read this article and you will be amazed to find out not everything high-tech in the schools in Silicon Valley.
The Waldorf School subscribes to a teaching philosophy focused on physical activity and learning through creative, hands-on tasks.
In Silicon Valley many well-educated parents do not believe an app on a mobile device is helping their kids much.
Of course there are some debates on whether students are deprived of using technology if the school can afford to spend the money and the tools are readily available.
Some parents do not worry too much because they think it is easy to pick up the latest technologies.  So there is absolutely no rush to introduce them to the students at this stage. Besides, teaching is a very traditional skill and nothing is more important than a teacher’s dedication and care to the students.
One thing crucial in the classroom is whether the teacher is able to actively engage students in various means. Who cares low-tech or high-tech if the teacher can effectively facilitate the process of learning.
I always believe technology is a tool to enhance learning.  A good teacher can hardly be replaced.

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