Do you often gamble for luck?
Today the CEO Alan Joyce grounded all Qantas flights because of prolonged industrial action resulted from the failure of negotiation with the workers’ union.
Qantas, the flying kangaroo, is the airline representing Australia. It is vital to our economy and reputation as British Airway to UK and Air New Zealand to New Zealand.
I have not taken Qantas flight for some time but one thing for certain is that to many Australians Qantas is still the apple of our eyes.
What Joyce has done is to bet on Qantas’s future to see whether it will revive Qantas by forcing workers to stop the industrial action and get back to their working position (but it sounds strange that there is currently no industrial action held by the majority of the Qantas workers).
But why so hasty?
Every decision is a gamble.  No one except God knows and holds the future.
Many passengers are stranded at the airport waiting for nothing.
After Joyce has rolled the dice, the Qantas passengers at the moment are obviously the losers.

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