There are four official Leica Stores in Hong Kong.  My original plan is to visit every store to discover what their difference is.

The other day I went to the one in IFC in Central.

The Leica Store IFC

The Leica Store IFC









Central has long been the business centre, just like the city of Sydney.  It is called Central because when we were young we knew it was the heart of the city.  It has been growing in size and changing its face.  There are many commercial high-rises and IFC is one of them.

There is nothing special about the Leica store in this mall.  The usual theme in black and red is at once recognisable when you approach it from the escalator.  I asked them whether the new Leica X2 is in stock or not.  To my dismay, they told me even if I place my order today, I cannot get the camera till August.  I have never tested a X2 before and I really want to have a closer look.

Several days ago, when I was waiting for my M9 sensor cleaned at the Hong Kong authorised Leica dealer Schmidt Marketing, I played around the X1 for a while.  It is a very well-built camera.  I think in normal daily use or as a street camera, it is perfect.  The Leica X2 should have made some significant improvement compared with the X1. Although in terms of its sensor size there is no surprise, the waiting list tells you the demand is really great.

I am glad the Leica M9 offers two years warranty and cleaning sensor is free during this period. I contacted a Mr. Lee in advance through email. He kindly arranged to do the sensor cleaning in an hour.  The normal price for a sensor cleaning costs about HK$600-700.  Of course, I should have tried cleaning myself.  Now I have asked them a few tips about this. Doing the cleaning myself should not be too hard.

The price you pay for a luxury goods is certainly far higher the production cost.  The psychology behind affordable luxury is insanity and cannot be justified by the price tag.  It is also not the camera that helps to make your photographs look better.  Keeping up with any new gear is endless and impossible.  For an ordinary person, there is no way you can understand a new product easily unless we visit the showroom or have free time to do some testings.  Nowadays there are so many website offering reviews on new products.  I am not sure whether some of them are supported by sponsors.

After visiting the Leica store in IFC, I realised I don’t have to go to visit the other Leica stores. There is obviously no more surprise.

Why not start shooting more photographs from today?

Featured image: Viewing from the 12th floor. Elmarit-M 28 mm, ISO160, f11, 1/30 sec
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