So what does “S” in the name of SL2-S mean?

Stefan Daniel, Director of Global Division of Leica camera, mentioned in the launch of SL2-S in Japan that “S” means “Speed” or “Sensitivity”. You could view the details on this YouTube recording published a couple of days ago:

As I use M lenses most of the time in the trial, I could not tell much of my experience of shooting in speed.

But in terms of sensitivity, the highest ISO is definitely a benefit to those who wants to shoot in low light. Here is one example of capturing a Kookaburra in the rain at ISO12500 at 1/20s, f/6.3 at 400mm. This was done by handholding with the body with the Sigma 100-400mm Contemporary Lens. Though the noise is apparent, but still usable. The autofocusing was not ideal so I switched to manual.

 A Kookaburra
A Kookaburra in the rain.

In terms of selecting still or video, SL2-S let you use the MENU button or just swap your finger from left to right or right to left on the screen. This works most of the time. The shutter button serves as the START/ STOP button for video.

Manual focusing is easily done through M lenses with focus peaking. You could see some of the images on my image library on

Adobe Lightroom supports processing of the DNG files. Luminar AI is also capable but DxO PhotoLab 4 is not compatible with the DNG files. Recently I tried noise reduction on DxO PhotoLab 4 and it was the best. Hope they can offer a solution very soon.

I was very impressed that all my Canon EF lenses can be used on the SL2-S body by using the Sigma MC21 Converter including Sigma lenses with Canon mount. Of course you could buy Panasonic or Sigma L mount lenses besides the Leica SL series.

I will try some Sigma lenses in the future.

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