What do you expect from a tiny Leica SF 24D?  You pay such a high price and you hope it performs excellently.

Our experience tells us that to learn something fast, we need to finish the manual before getting our hands dirty. You may recall normally the product manual helps you understand more of the product. For Leica SF24D it may not be the case.

Mounted on a M9, it becomes almost a manual flashgun, the only thing that works automatically is the ISO settings.  It synchronises the ISO settings with your M9. That’s great. You do not have to worry about checking this up.

This is how then it works when you set the mode selector switch of the SF 24D to TTL/GNC and the Aperture-priority mode on your M9:

  1. Determine roughly the distance of the subject,
  2. Set the same aperture value on both the flashgun and the camera,
  3. The sensor at the front of the flash detects the light and sets the correct speed value when you press the shutter.

If you set the mode selector switch to A, remember to set the camera’s shutter-speed dial to flash synch speed (1/180 sec).

Anyway, I’ve got some photos with nice and correct exposure.  You can judge the result in one of the photos below:

Correct exposure (ISO160, 50mm, f6.7, 1/60sec, converted from DNG)!

The lemons #1

The lemons #1

A bit overexposed (ISO160, 50mm, f4.8, 1/60sec, converted from DNG)!

The lemons #2

The lemons #2

Leica SF 24D and M9

Leica SF 24D and M9


I am satisfied with these photographs although I may need to try more on taking portraiture.  This hopefully can be done in the near future.

All in all, The SF 24D is a very good companion to the Leica M9 on a short trip  or placed in your daily messenger bag.  It is really light even fitted with the batteries. There is a grey version that matches the grey body M9. For me perhaps the only annoyance is to unplug the Thumbs Up thumb grip from the hot shoe first before mounting this tiny flashgun. This is normally I do not want to do after finding the Thumbs Up works so well with the M9.

On thing needed to mention:  of all the accessories related to the M9, the Thumbs Up thumb grip is the one that helps you get a real firm grip of the M9.  I have tried the original M9 handgrip (Part No: 14486) but it makes the camera so bulky and changes the clean and classic design of the M series.

At the end I think the SF 24D has its value.  It is a very practical flashgun and it works to your expectation after spending a few minutes to understand the buttons and switches.

Featured photo technical information: Leica M9, 50mm, ISO160, f4.8, 1/45 sec, no flash


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