Two years ago I reviewed the compact Leica flash SF24D. If you are still interested in reading it, the link is here. It gave me some good impressions.

Its biggest issue is probably the battery, it is not the normal AA type, but 2 CR 123A type batteries. CR123A type of battery is quite long lasting, providing up to 370 flashes according to the user manual.

Today I wish to introduce you to a bigger flash gun from Leica, the SF 40, part number 14624. Sadly speaking, you won’t see too much information on Leica’s site, but in reality it is a flash in relatively slightly bigger than SF24D in size but very easy to use.


Leica flash SF40 in the box

Leica flash SF40 in the box, 100mm x 105mm x 100mm


After opening the box, you could see all items at a glance.


Leica flash SF40

Leica flash SF40


The report will continue.



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