I am a new Leica user, or to be more precisely a new Leica learner. The featured images of my latest posts were taken mostly from the Leica M9. I do not how many images I have taken with it, but it has become the only camera I carry all the time.  It is lighter in weight.  The image quality taken by the Leica lens is superb.

Before April 2011, I basically used Canon film SLR and DSLR system. Below were the Canon cameras I have used in the film years:
AE-1 Program
New F-1
EOS 10

The New F-1 and the EOS 1V are both my favourite film cameras.  They are still in very good working condition although I cannot find a reason to shoot film now. Many thanks to Armando Rozario who sent me a link about his experience of using a Canon T50. In my memory, Canon T series have some excellent camera bodies such as the T90. But I have not owned any T series body and never had a chance to try out.  But I clearly remember the success of Canon is that it has made some affordable and easy operated camera bodies such as T50. Also don’t forget the Canon T80 is its first successful attempt to fit with Canon’s early autofocus lenses (They were bulky lenses in today’s standard because an big integral motor was used to enable the autofocus function).  Canon has also published some ABC books to help you understand the use of their cameras.

You may criticise these amateur grade Canon camera bodies are not rugged and they are felt like toys while holding in hands. But you cannot deny the fact that Canon has made taking photographs easy with lots of fun by introducing simple operated cameras.

Leica is a new world to me. In April 2011 I switched to a Leica M9 with a Elmarit 28mm to replace my normal travel gear the Canon EOS-1D Mark III with EF24-105mm 4.0L. So please don’t laugh at me if my understanding of Leica is shallow. The Leica User Forum is a good starting point even you do not own a Leica camera. The communications in the forum will provide you different views from experienced users or some questions posted by novice. I have asked some questions there and often got very quick responses. Your knowledge will catch up with the others very soon.

In the past I recommended Erwin Puts’s Leica Compendium, today I would like to invite you to read his new book called Leica Chronicle which I received several days ago. This is another excellent book about all Leica cameras and lens. All items are listed chronologically as its name suggests, illustrated by a photograph. I in particular find the camera serial numbers and the lens serial numbers at the end of the book really helpful.

This is not an official book published by Leica but Erwin Put is a truly experienced user who has put so much effort to retrieve all Leica cameras and lenses.  There is an ebook version though. However, if you are a Leica learner like me, don’t hesitate to get a printed version. It is a must on your bookshelf and it will definitely bring you the knowledge of Leica up-to-date.

I bought this book directly from Erwin Puts several months ago. If you are interested in getting this lovely book, visit his site.

Happy reading.

Featured image: Newport. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f4.8, 1/1500 sec
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