If you ask me to recommend a must-see destination in Australia, I have to think about it carefully.  Living in Sydney makes no difference than living in other big cities, I cannot easily think of those favourites I love to go.  When every day is a routine, you do not realise there is any real meaning behind every single move. Every day is the same old day.

This is happening in our daily life when we find there is nothing that can cheer us up. Nothing exciting.

Ask yourself if you really know your locals well.  It is not a surprise if you do not know anyone round the corner. In some houses or blocks, there may be a friend you have not met for years. We are so close yet so distant to each other.

I have been living in Sydney for almost 9 years, yet I have not taken it for granted as many people do for their cities they live in. The places I often visit is mostly my workplace, areas of eating out or around the bigger Sydney area. Many of us normally get away from their home for short stays during weekends or holidays.

Australia is a vast country, with a wide variety of landscape.  Wiki describes this country, “with subtropical rain forests in the north-east, mountain ranges in the south-east, south-west and east areas, and a dry desert in its centre.” But I have never been to many places including the biggest state Western Australia.  On this big island continent, travelling fast is a pain from city to city except by air. I have driven a rented car once from Melbourne to Sydney in several days.  The journey was a pleasure.

But the most memorable place is the state of Tasmania.  I have visited twice but nothing will block me from paying more visits to it again.  Travelling to Tasmania will definitely help me to recollect all the memories of its beautiful lands and waters.

Recently I read a book about a place I have never dreamed of visiting:  Lake Eyre.  It is one of the biggest lakes on earth, at the lowest point in Australia but normally filled with the salt pan. Only several times in a century it was filled up with the flooded water.  Lake Eyre is located in northern South Australia.

Lake Eyre is a heavy book, largely not because of its physical size, but the weight comes from the contributions of the author Paul Lockyer and the other two journalists John Bean (one of the photographers) and Gary Ticehurst (the pilot). It is a 240 pages huge book, printed in full colour and hard cover. This is a book about the history, the environment and life of this area. Unfortunately on 18 August 2011, these three ABC employees, died in a helicopter crash on the eastern shore of Lake Eyre in South Australia.

Feature photo: Street Protest. Technical information: 50mm, ISO160, f4.8, 1/125sec
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