This is my third and final journal of Apple CreateWorld conference 2011.

Daylight Saving
You won’t fall asleep easily on a trip away from home.
My sleep was disturbed by the early sunrise.  In fact, it was a surprise to see the sun rises before 5AM in Brisbane, perhaps not a surprise to the people in Brisbane.
Day light saving or Australian Eastern Standard Time is making more sense. You won’t feel it odd when the sky is full bright at 5:30AM in the morning in Sydney (but 4:30AM in Brisbane).  I was waiting for the wake-up alarm in the dream but the light was so strong that it penetrated the blinds to wake me up.

The Keynote Speakers
Three of the keynote speakers: Ian Taylor, Ernest Edmonds and Tom Ang, are powerful leaders.
Ian Taylor talked about his own experience in his business and how creativity meets technology.  He cited many examples from his own projects and it was amazed to see how he turned this ideas into reality.
Ernest Edmonds is Professor of Computation and Creative Media at the University of Technology, Sydney.  His speech was on Art and Interaction. It was indeed very interesting to learn that interactive experience is a never-ending process of development.  I asked him a question about how classical music interacts.  He said classical music may interact more with the performers rather than the audience.
I met Tom Ang in the iOS Workshop on the first day. His talk on the number of photos (probably millions) uploaded online really interested me.  He mentioned the history of how technology has been reshaping the world so that photos were shared easier and faster. I reckon he was using a Sony DSLR taking photos during the sessions but never had time to verify with him.

The conference
That leaves little to say about the conference.  In fact, one thing in common is that the mode of teaching and learning is no longer face to face. In many cases, mobile device such as iPad has greatly enhanced the learning experience.
Who could underestimate the power of technology?

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