This is you don’t see every day:  a rumour was spread because the buyers of the Leica M9 and M9-P will get a significant discount from a US Leica dealer. I am not going to invest another M body for the time being, so please don’t ask me where this offer comes from. What I am interested in is that normally the price will drop if the product is closing to its renewal. If you see a camera is reducing its price significantly, its successor normally won’t be too far away. This is either to increase the sale, or clear the stock.

Obviously some people are driven mad by tracking the life cycle of a camera body. For example, an entry level DSLR like the Canon D60 was announced on 7 February 2011 and around this June Canon announced the 650D as the successor. The Nikon D3100 was released in August 2010. We got the replacement model the D3200 in May this year. No ordinary users can keep up with the refreshment of these models in such a short period. So it is not a matter of buying or waiting. Is the new one better than the old?

In the case of the Canon 650D, I do not see much improvement. You can view a comprehensive review of it from a popular camera review site. I played with the camera but I really don’t like the plastic feel. I once owned a Canon 400D.  It is bigger and more solid than 650D and I think the 400D is still capable of taking nice images with its 10 megapixel sensor.

I read the latest LFI magazine (06/2012) and realised that Leica has reserved two large stands, right at the entrance, in the coming Photokina in Cologne, 18-23 September.  What this probably implies that there may be some big events or new products. Two Leica system cameras: the Leica M9 launched in September 2009 and the Leica S2 in September 2008, may be reaching their age of renewal.  We are hoping a Leica M10 and S3 will address some of the shortcomings in the current models.

I have no experience of using the Leica S2 (really can’t afford)and cannot comment much.  But for the Leica M10, I would love to see some improvements:

  • larger CCD or CMOS sensor (24 megapixel or higher)
  • bigger resolution of the rear LCD display
  • higher usable ISO (6400 or higher) performance
  • optional electronic viewfinder for wide angle lenses
  • USB 3 (or WIFI) connectivity

There is already a rumour and some spy photos of the Leica M10 are leaked on Leica News and Rumors.  You can check out the details over there.

How much does the Leica M10 body cost? Sorry I do not have a crystal ball. But I guess it is probably 10-15% more than that of the M9. Buyers? Don’t worry, there are so much new riches, from those growing economies.

Featured image: The flowers. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f2.4, 1/45 sec
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