Is curtsy needed?
Our prime minister Julia Gillard’s failure to curtsy to the Queen has been made news headlines.  Michelle Grattan’s article on the Sydney Morning Herald points out the oppositions were not interested in seeing whether it is right to curtsy.  What if Gillard curtsied?  The opposition would raise another criticism.
It is merely a storm in a tea cup.
I have no hatred to the monarch.  At her age, the Queen does not look like a grumpy old nanny.  She seems healthy and intelligent, and earns so much respect from her kingdom and the Commonwealth.
This year marks the 100 anniversary of the 1911 Revolution of modern China.  I wonder where the imperial families of late Qing dynasty are after the fall.
In the old dynasty, kowtow, kneeling and bowing so low as to have one’s head touching the ground, showed the deepest respect.


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