The new iPhone has been announced. To our surprise, it is not iPhone 5, but iPhone 4S.
That is why the Sydney Morning Herald claims this is an evolution not a revolution. Apple fans still desperately need this upgrade even though it is considered a mild disappointment.
iPhone is taking 40% of Australian’s market share and it’s growing more popular than ever.  It is no wonder Australia is listed one of the first countries iPhone 4S will be available.
iPhone and other smartphones have made our life easier in terms of social networking.  Do you follow what others are doing?  Do you realise you are always viewing what others are doing in Facebook, clicking “like” and “unlike”?  Or checking in while updating your status?  Do you post frequently, follow and be followed in Twitter?
I have read an article and agreed no better than what the writer quotes from Henry David Thoreau: “Men have become the tools of their tools.” This is particularly true if you do not take control of the tools.
Sadly Steve Jobs has died after a long battle with cancer.  He is a legend in the history of mankind as an individual; regrettably in this business world some of his ideas have been made offensive.
Will iPhone 4S make our life better?

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