How many cameras and lens do you currently own? One, two or three?
How much you think is enough?
This is a simple question but the answer is not simple.
Perhaps we had better ask how long we are planning to use our photo gears, or how long ago since we bought our last camera?
As the life cycle of a camera is getting shorter, we no longer expect a camera to remain unique forever.  In the past, a lifetime for an amateur DSLR is 18 months, now the manufacturer is cutting it down even shorter than a year to tempt you to trade up.
The battle for the market share is much fiercer than ever.  Each camera manufacturer is trying to win the heart of every potential buyer. In fact, there is no perfect camera system. I began to appreciate some camera manufacturers which do not update their product at short intervals.
Perhaps it is time to say farewell to the extras when you open wide your eyes to see what you have owned is/are already good enough.
Ask yourself: how much you think is enough?

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