What are Australians best known for?
Our kids are encouraged to speak up when they are young.   We believe Australians should be best known for our verbal presentation skill.
I was not surprised that a product consultant came over to our home spending more than an hour talking about how to deal with the overflowing problem of our rain gutter.  He was not giving us a solution, but a demonstration of his product.  You know what I mean: a lecture almost two hours.
Yes, his product may be good.  But he was not focusing on the problem. He was overly confident.
Even worse, that costs about AU$15000.
So I invited another company for a quotation the other day to find out whether this is reasonable.
The guy explained to us that there is no perfect solution.  The best way to reduce the risk is to seriously clean the dead leaves in the rain gutter and to clear the blocked downpipes once or twice a year.  Currently the rain gutter does not pose any severe danger.
At the end our stress was relieved, with sincere thanks to this honest tradesman.
I wish Australians were best known for honesty, not how smart to present a product.

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