Now I have been using Google Nexus 7 for almost 2 weeks.  My comment so far is that it is a nice tablet and should be greatly welcome by almost everybody in terms of functionality and price.  Please don’t compare it with Apple iPad. If you want to see a comparison of these two devices, check out this review. Google Nexus 7 is already excellent on its own supported by many apps.

I always appreciate the provision of free apps from Google Play.  These app developers have helped changing a simple device to a mobile computer.  Of the free apps installed, there are some really nice ones. The following are some of my recommendations:

News in general:
TED (video recordings of big events such as seminars, talks)
IMDb (online movie database)
News Republic (a collection of world news, beautiful UI)
BBC News

Advanced Task Manager (task killer)
Battery Widget (power displaying)
History Eraser (erasing history of apps)

Adobe Reader (the best PDF reader, tools are bonus)
Currency (get the exchange rates)


ebooks readers:

Video players:

For creating documents:
Kingsoft Office


Don’t forget there is no free lunch.  You must check the fine prints of those terms and conditions before you accept and install. Your usage may be used for other purposes.

I think one of the apps needed to be improved is the video call quality in Skype. Previously I used it several times on my phone HTC Wildfire and the calls sounded terrible. Now I tested a bit of making video calls on my Google Nexus 7 and the video and audio are beyond satisfaction. You may say it has to do with bandwidth.  But Skype and Viber have been working really fine on my iPhone.  Do I have a better option on this Google Nexus 7?

Never mind. In the world of technology, there will always be a newer and brighter star. Don’t expect seeing the best app on a mobile tablet. Start searching for something else. You won’t win if you don’t begin.

Featured image: The wharf. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f8, 1/360 sec


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