The featured image of my last post was added to my site on my Google Nexus 7.  Not too bad.  This was done on Firefox beta instead of Google Chrome because Chrome only displays my website in a small area (about 60 percent of the entire screen) but Firefox beta extends it all in a full length.  On a tiny screen, it takes more time to press directly on the button. For some reasons, while I was working on Google Chrome, some buttons in my website admin panel did not respond well. On this small 7 inches screen, Firefox beta is definitely the winner.

To add an featured image,  I first transferred an image file from my Mac to the device by simply adding to a folder of the device using Android File Transfer and the USB cable. It works exactly like opening the Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Mac).  It displays all directories in your Google Nexus 7.  However, the connection between the device and my Mac sometimes dropped.  Unplug and reconnect to the USB port should work without any further issue.

So in this case, Google Nexus 7 is a nice tool for a blogging website using WordPress themes. In the past, I tried Apple iPad (first generation) in vain. Of course if you have a site built at, you can simply install the WordPress for Android.  Since it is built for Android devices such as tablets, it is likely to be totally compatible. Working on an app is faster than on a browser of a tablet.

Playing a movie is easy.  I have tried BS Player or Mobo Player.  The latter is more user friendly and claims supporting most of the movie formats.  I played a .mkv file format very smoothly and I loved the resolution and the contrast of colour on the screen.  The battery is said to last 8 to 9 hours and this is quite enough to watch some movie-length videos on a flight from Sydney to Hong Kong.

No one will use Google Nexus 7 for storage of images since it has only limited 16GB storage space, which is far less than a proper media storage device or a laptop. But it is excellent and handy for us in a short trip to do browsing website, listening to music, watching videos, taking notes or blogging.  At least for this size and weight, you don’t feel too bulky to add it to your messenger bag.

Google Nexus 7 has no cellular connection, so you may have to rely on tethering your phone or some 3G/4G mobile devices to get connected to the online world if there is no active WIFI.  But it seems fine as you won’t have to worry about the cost of data transfer using the mobile internet.  You use it at a place where there is a reasonable WIFI connection.  This may be a trade off at this price.

I haven’t tested the front camera. According to some tips, an app called Camera Launcher for Nexus 7 can be downloaded and installed to enable it to be used besides used as a camera in Skype, Instagram and the like.  I guess this 1.2 MP camera should be good enough to run a video conference or Skype video call.

Google Nexus 7 is a new breed and have set a trend on the 7 inches tablets (the demand for it is probably big).  I reckon Apple will launch another similar product to take up with this challenge.  I earnestly wait for the iPad mini in the not too distant future.

Featured image: The budding tree. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f3.4, 1/1500 sec
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