My pre-ordered Google Nexus 7 did not arrive last week as I expected. On last Thursday during attending Adobe Roadshow I received an email from Google telling me that the order was cancelled because I gave them a P O Box instead of a home address.

Why wasn’t it mentioned in the pre-order form?  Or did I overlook? Or could they not spot this out when they started shipping?

At the end I ordered online from a local supplier JB HiFi and I picked it up earlier this week. I was a bit disappointed when I found the box been open (seal tape loosen) after taking it out from the plastic bag I have carried all the way home. I should have inspected it carefully in the store. Later on I said to myself that Google Nexus 7 is a new product so I reckon it has not been refurbished in such a short while. As I could not tell whether someone has used it before, I went on to install the device and set up is done after you connect WIFI and login a Google account (or create one).  That was pretty straightforward.

Google Nexus 7 comes with one free book (The Drop by Michael Connelly) and a movie Transformer, Dark of the Moon, plus $25 credit to be used in Google Play to purchase music, apps or books.  This may sound generous.  But it would not last too long if you purchase to view movies or some apps.

To connect Google Nexus 7 with my iMac, I follow the advice from Google installing the free Android File Transfer (you don’t need to do so connecting a Windows PC).  At once I could see the all the directories, folders and files from the device.  That means I could transfer any files to be viewed in apps easily.

Google Nexus 7 has pre-installed some apps such as its popular browser Chrome.  While it is fine working on a PC or laptop, I find there are some issues showing some websites such as this website. This website surprising displays better on Mozilla Firefox beta. You may also install Opera Mini to compare.

I have installed the following free apps: facebook for Android, Skype, Dropbox, Adobe Reader, IMDb, Evernote, Kingsoft Office and TED.  There are so many other free apps you can choose in Google Play and install, just like Apple Store for iPad.

To use new tablet device, you have to develop a prospective approach because you are not going to replace a Mac or Windows PC with this tiny tablet.  But knowing its shortcoming will give you much more pleasure.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the hands on.

Featured image: Chinatown precinct. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f2.8, 1/1500 sec
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