Fujifilm X-Pro 1 is a highly regarded camera.
I closely follow the latest updated report of Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held in Las Vegas: besides the Nikon flagship D4, everybody seems talking about the two Xs: Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and Canon G1X.
It is not a surprise to see Fujifilm is going to launch X Pro 1 after the success of x100 on the market in 2010 (late 2009).  This is a very smart move to give the consumer a clear mission of what they are going to do: providing a retro camera capable of capturing superior quality of photos second to none.
Don’t forget Fujifilm helped making the Leica Digilux cameras in the past. Leica fans should consider it as a second body because it may provide a M mount adaptor for Leica lens. Obviously Fujifilm is targeting a wider consumer market: the amateurs and the pros. Of course it is a very good choice if it is time for you to get a new camera or want to carry light to shoot photos.  It is for not everyone, especially not for those who want a superzoom for all purposes because Fujifilm only provides three fixed focal length lenses at the moment.
For Canon G1X, I don’t think we will be disappointed by its image quality because of the large CMOS sensor.  G1X comes too late but I guess it is due to Canon’s own fault: its marketing strategy.  Putting a larger sensor might be too risky and the cost may be high, given that their G series is an ongoing success all the time.  Canon may want to keep earning more by using the same formula of success until now realising Fujifim is contesting head to head.
That is why I think Fujifilm wins the battle, although Canon may not be targeting the same market.
Fujifilm also wins the heart of many because it brings back so many basics of taking photographs as well as some true innovations.


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