The graffiti

The graffiti

In the morning of 15 June Ilulissat was foggy than ever. We considered ourselves lucky because we have enjoyed the best weather in the first 3 days of our stay. Later we learnt from another passenger that some morning flights were cancelled due to the fog.

We checked out our hotel at 11.45am and the hotel bus took us to the airport. The airport has two check-in counters, one for Greenland Air flights and the other for Air Iceland flights, a kiosk which offers also hot breakfast, one male and one female toilets and of course some chairs and tables.

The flight took off on time, landing after 30 minutes in an airport south of Ilulissat for refuel then continued onto Reykjavik. We landed on Reykjavik around 7.30pm and took a taxi (ISK1860) to our guesthouse. It is located near the city centre, accessible to main attractions.

Like the former US president, no one leaves Reykjavik without having a taste of the world famous Iceland hotdog. You won’t miss the most popular hotdog stand in the town because there is always a queue. We bought one for ISK360 and to be honest, we were not pleased with the taste!  We also wanted to try the famous lobster soup near the old harbour but the restaurant was already packed with customers. We didn’t want to wait for 20 minutes for a table so eventually we took our meal at a nearby Thai restaurant. The cost of a meal in Asian restaurants is always reasonable.

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