We left Husavik reluctantly in the morning and drove to Asbyrgi via route 85, a place best known for hiking. It took us 2 hours to reach Asbyrgi. Once again, we underestimated the driving time. Although the information centre staff recommended us to do a walk into the bush, we were not impressed. We only reached the pool area and returned. The mercury has risen to 19C under the strong sun. Walking in this condition needs proper skin protection which we did not have at that time. It was only the sixth day into June, but it already felt like midsummer. Only idiots will deny the threat of global warming!

Unless you have one full day and is a well trained hiker, we would not recommend visiting Asbyrgi. The walk uphill can be very risky. It took us another good one and a half hour to drive back to Husavik passing Tjornes, the peninsula with some strange rock features. In fact there is a quick way out without the need to drive all the way back to Husavik, but today that route was closed due to poor road condition.

By the time we hit back on route 1, midday has well passed. Yesterday we visited the pseudo craters in Skutustadagigar, but we did not really spend enough time there, so today we made a revisit. It was a truly magical place with craters like sand dunes spreading around the area. We wish we could have more time! We would recommend anyone interested in nature to spend at least full 2 days in the Myvatn lake area or 4 days for those who wants to go hiking. The area is so packed with natural wonders that one must take time to fully appreciate its beauty and magic.


We continued our journey to the east and turned into route 901 to a highland farm called Modrudalur, the highest farm in Iceland. It is a nice place to spend some time seeing farm houses, farming machines and even better if you have time to stay overnight there. We could not go further on route 901 because the road was again closed. Even if it was open, only a genuine 4×4 jeep would make it through because it is a F road further down. In Iceland, it is against the law to drive on a F road unless it is a 4WD jeep.

So we drove back to route 1 and then 92 to reach Egilsstadir. This part of route 1 is so different from the previous sections we drove passed in the last couple of days. It is partly unpaved, steep at times and the areas surrounding were still covered by a thick layer of snow, like we were in some high mountains (but in fact the latitude was probably only around 500 meters).

There were 5 guests or families staying in the hotel tonight so the hotel restaurant was closed. The lady at the reception recommended us to dine at a nearby restaurant. The dinner cost more than those of the previous evening. The lobster soup (we read that was popular in Iceland) was far from our expectation and the salmon was okay but not great.

That ended our ninth day of our journey in Iceland.


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