We made a long drive every day. The car odometer reading at the start of the day was around 2300km. After taking the advice of the hotel receptionist and the lady at the town information centre, we headed for a detour to the water dam called Karahnjukar, the largest and highest dam in Europe. We first took route 1 to get out of the town, then route 931followed by route 910. Route 910 is one of the deadly roads on the high grounds, especially at the section returning to route 931 going downhill. The road is so steep that most of the time we could not see the road ahead but only the sea, which is really the lake Lagarfljot but it is so big that feels like an ocean!

The route 910 is another very scenic drive in the mountains. We could see the peak of a familiar mountain from a distance. There was hardly any car on the road, except the one that was removing snow from the road. When we arrived at the dam, a thick layer of snow (possibly 3 to 4 meters high) covered part of the road surface and the remaining part of the road was almost completely blocked by fallen rocks. Further ahead, we could see the power plant but, we decided not to risk our life to drive though the narrow road! The construction of the dam was once a controversial issue and it still generates debates about the impacts on the biosphere of Lagarfljot. Some environmentalists have even pronounced the death of Lagarfljot and predicted that the next victim would be Lake Myvatn!

By the time we returned to Egilsstadir to fill up the petrol tank, it was almost 3.30pm. So the detour to the dam took us almost the entire day! Our long drive for the day was just about to start. Depending on your style, I would not recommend the dam unless you have plenty of time. For us, the drive to and from the dam, then further to our next destination was just too much for one day. Although it is true that the views up on the mountains are incredible, I would rather spend the day driving slowly along the eastern fjords. Eastern fjords are as attractive as the west. While the west is like a warrior, the east is a princess.

Time left us no choice, but to take the short route via a tunnel to our destination for tonight. By doing so, we also missed some of the incredible views in the eastern fjords. There are only a few farms in the eastern fjords along route 1.

Iceland is an island full of wonders. We thought we have seen enough in the west and the north. Today we saw more and we simply could not express the scenery in words. Simple phenomena such as clouds, rocks and waters are magnificent. Once we saw the descending clouds embracing half of the mountain like the ashes of the volcanic eruptions. Many drivers on the roads parked their cars to watch this wonderful moment.

About 8.40pm we arrived at our hotel, which is located only 10km outside Hofn. The hotel restaurant was already closed and we had to rely on our instant noodles. From the hotel car park, we saw two massive glaciers in a distance. It was a bit misty in the evening and we hoped the weather would allow us to see more of them tomorrow.

That ended the tenth day of our travel in Iceland, a long drive on the eastern fjords. The odometer reading was now nearly 3,000 meters.

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