The sunset in Ilulissat

The sunset in Ilulissat

It was cloudy and a rather cold day today. Lucky for us because we did not have anything arranged.

We finished breakfast until 9.30am and took another two hours nap. What a luxury!  After that we continued to work our travel blogs ready to be posted to the website.

No free WiFi is provided in the hotel. To update our blog, we decided to pay DKK 90 for using Internet access for 2 hours. Then we also wrote an email to World of Greenland to lodge our complaint for being treated so badly the day before.

When almost all blogs (including our worst travel experience yesterday) in the past three days were published, we received a call from the World of Greenland. A lady would come over to talk to us about the email complaint. Around 4pm the lady came to offer an apology to us for the incident. She said it was a mistake made by the inexperienced staff. Anyway this was her version of the story. We didn’t think this was the awful truth as there were two staff. Later, we realised that she went to the hotel mainly to receive another group of tourists arrived on that afternoon.

For those who are interested in visiting Greenland, we want you to know that the World of Greenland is not the only tour operator here. Another major tour operator is called Tourist Nature. They offer cheaper tours with similar, if not the same, itinerary as the World of Greenland. Fair competition contributes to a healthy market, so we encourage you to try different tour operators during your stay in Greenland. We also recommend anyone planning their holiday to search information from different sources, not just the few common travel websites. In the past we were cheated by so-called online comments from these popular websites. When we submitted negative remarks from our personal experiences about a dirty hotel in Kyoto, they never published it. We are glad that now we can share all our experiences and comments with other people on our blog. Our comments may be biased because they are personal, but they are true to our heart.

Last but not least, we had dinner tonight at a tiny restaurant called Hong Kong cafe. The cafe actually has nothing to do with Hong Kong. It is owned by a Malaysian and operated by two Thais. It offers a large range of food from stir fry to hot chips! Just order the food by pointing to  the photos hanging up above the counter.

In the evening Ilulissat was covered in the mist. It was not possible to see the beauty of the icebergs in the midnight sun. We felt sorry for the people living here. They have been waiting for months for the sun to come out but the weather wasn’t cooperating!



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