Do you think your clock is displaying the real time?
What is real time? This is a stupid question. I have five clocks at home but none tells the same time.
It is interesting to know how people set up their clock or timepiece:  I set my clock in my living room five minutes faster and one of my friends used to set 25 minutes faster on his watch. I do not wear a watch and I only check time on my smartphone.
A clock is to measure a recurrent process. I do not understand the purpose of setting a clock 5 minutes faster on a daily basis when I know the real time.
I do not think my clock is running right and I know I will get into trouble if it slows down when its power runs out.
But I have no intention of setting it back to right.
Who cares whether the time is right or wrong? We all have our own clock displaying our own time just as we run our own way of life.

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