The city of Ilulissat

The city of Ilulissat

After breakfast we walked to the town centre to buy some fruits. Fresh fruit is expensive here in Ilulissat and the quality is not so great! This is perhaps the reason why the only type of fruit served during breakfast was tin pineapple!

We planned to take a walk to the power station where we could get an overview of the town and the coastline, instead we stayed in the hotel where we had a nice little chat with an old man from Denmark. He is a publisher of maps of Greenland. He used to live in Nuuk, the capital city of Greenland, some 52 years ago. We learnt from him that both Nuuk and Ilulissat have been growing rapidly in the last 10 years.

In the afternoon, we joined a boat tour run by the World of Greenland to a nearby town Oqaatsut (or Rodebay in English). The tour costed DSK1080 per person. It took 5 hours with dinner served in the only restaurant in Rodebay. Oqaatsut is the smallest settlement in the Disko Bay with approximately 40 inhabitants. The one hour boat journey to Rodebay was incredible. We sailed among icebergs in a calm sea under a bright blue sky. It wasn’t cold at all. We should have brought with us sun screen and a cap for this trip rather than all those winter clothes (now useless)!

The restaurant was very cosy with a ‘modern’ toilet. It looks like any modern toilet in the developed world, except that it has no flushing water! The toilet bowl was covered by a large plastic bag! Although it wasn’t smelling, we saw layers and layers of toilet paper in it mixed with some yellowish liquid….!

The dinner was whale meat. We would not say it was the best meal. It was the first time we had whale meat. It was dark drown and tasted like canned tuna and its texture was tough.

On the way back to Ilulissat, the waterway was blocked by a thin layer of ice. We nervously watched the little boat broke through the ice ….and were worried we would be stuck in the icy water.

Today’s temperature was around 15C. The old man we met at the hotel this morning told us that we arrived at the right time because it was freezing cold just last week.

It was only our second day in Greenland but our skin was already tanned because of not only the 24 hours sun but also the reflection from the sea and the ice! The travel tips were not always adequate enough to deal with this changing climate.


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