The performance of Canon G1X has created a lot of interest, but do you agree it is the best compact camera (Canon Rumors)?
DxO Mark gives a score of 60 to this camera and ranks it against Panasonic GH2.
Not a high score when compared to DSLRs but a giant step forward from the range of compact cameras.
I used Canon G7 some years ago but was never satisfied with its level of sensor noise.  Also disappointing was that G7 was the only G series camera offering no RAW format out from the camera. The JPEG file looked awful when the photo was taken higher than ISO400. I agree its build was excellent, solid as a rock.
Now for this G series generation compact camera, two things are not good enough:
1. this is a sensor DxO says almost the same as the Canon DSLR 7D (18.7mm x14.0mm vs 22.3mm x 14.9mm) and shows no improvement
2. the closest shooting range is not close enough (only 20mm compared with DSLR)
So from the specifications, it may be old wine in a new bottle.
If you still want to keep the feel of a rangefinder, Canon G1X does have an optical finder.  But it is about 85% of the total view.  Better than nothing apart from focusing through the articulate LCD monitor.
For me, it is still far from being the best compact camera. I want one with a bigger aperture and a better viewfinder. Canon should have put better features in this model.
It is hard to win my heart after hearing so many years of broken promises. But could be better for me to be contented with the gear I own and continue to make better pictures rather than chasing after the pixel game.

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