What is in your mind: Camera of the Year 2011?
Not easy.  We all know how many cameras have been announced throughout the year. If you really want to know all the names, there is a summary of all those models on Digital Photography Review site.
To be honest, I am in no position to give a fair comment because I have not played around seriously all of them.  However, if you ask me to shortlist from each brand, here they are:
Canon EOS 600D & S100
Fujifilm X100 & X10
NikonV1 and J1
Olympus EP3
Panasonic GX1
Pentax Q
Ricoh GXR A12 (M-mount)
Samsung NX200
Sigma DP2x
Sony NEX7 & A77
The most aggressive brand should be Sony.  Michael Reichmann is still writing his user report on NEX7 on his website Luminous Landscape. His rolling review accurately points out the strengths and weaknesses of NEX7.
Panasonic GX1 is a professional upgrade of its GF series.  I’d better say it is a fine tuned version of GF1.
Not many of us talked about Pentax Q.  In fact,  it is an interesting product.  It was born too late because now there are some serious competitors. Obviously Nikon V1 and J1 are relatively better. That said, if you need a tiny system camera held in you palm or stored in your pocket, Pentax is still unbeatable.
It is a surprise to many of us that Canon has not entered the mirrorless realm this year.  600D is a old bottle with new wine.  I still think it is a budget buy for a quality product.  Canon has also announced its EOS flagship 1DX.  Now let us see how Nikon D4 is going to respond.
I nearly forgot to mention Leica. It has announced M9-P this year.  Disappointedly it is not an entirely new product.
Finally my choice for Camera of the Year 2011 is Fujifilm X100. I appreciate its retro design and simplicity. I once saw this camera in a display window in Edinburgh for €999 in April.  I could not afford one as I have spent all my savings on a Leica M9.
Yes.  Nothing is more essential than simplicity and back to basic. Fujifilm X100 is backward looking but also forward looking.

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