Camera of the Year 2011 Honorary Mention?  What do you think?
This is my choice: Lytro.
The reason is simple.  It is a camera to capture the decisive moment and let you refocus after you take the picture.
Lytro field camera does not “autofocus” because the camera captures the entire light field. The picture captured can then be used as a living image to allow you after-focus on a certain point on your computer.
To me, making the best use of this camera is to prepare images for your website.  Of course, like other cameras, Lytro can be fun everywhere (not sure if it is water-proof). The camera is housed in a tiny box offered in three colours (for the time being) but I am sure it is indeed a very innovative idea.
I do not know much about dealing with the file format the camera is using (called .lfp) as now it is only available for pre-order in the U.S.A., not available yet in Australia.  But from the video on their site it seems it is easy to manage.
If you are a techno guy or want to know how this idea was created and developed, you could read the dissertation written by Lytro’s founder/CEO Ren Ng or the Lytro blog.
Otherwise, wait for Lytro’s availability, enjoy the fun of after-focus with it, and deciding on whatever point of interest you wish.

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