Not long ago I mentioned about how delighted I was to find the Book tab in Adobe Lightroom 4.
This is an all-in-one solution: original Adobe Lightroom full photo processing feature integrated with Blurb bookmaking capability.  Recently after giving a few tries, I have finally made a photo book using this function in the current free beta version.
Here are the steps I took:

  1. Download and install Adobe Lightroom 4 beta
  2. Run Adobe Lightroom and import images in the Library tab
  3. Select and apply presets (if you wish) in the Library tab and do post-processing of the images in the Develop tab
  4. Switch to the Book tab and drag the images to the page templates to create the book
  5. When finish, press ‘Send Book to Blurb’ or ‘Export to PDF’ button

If you choose ‘Send Book to Blurb’, a dialogue will pop up to let you login Blur. After uploading the entire book (probably taking some time depending on the number of pages), a browser will be open for you to continue the rest of book ordering procedure such as upgrading paper or end sheets. You can decide at the same time the number of copy you would like to order (Blurb always suggests you to order one copy the first time to see how it looks before ordering more copies) and write a description to promote the book in facebook or twitter.
This seems terrific.  However, I would like to see two improvements:
Firstly I could not find a way to add additional images when the book is being made from the selected images.  That means don’t rush to start creating the book if you have not finalised your images, better prepare all of them before creating the book.That said, I still appreciate the flexibility of switching back to the Develop tab to fine tune the selected images and the effect will be updated after switching back to the Book tab.
Secondly there is no ebook version for iPhone or iPad for this book made from Adobe Lightroom available from Blurb.
This is a bit disappointed as ebook is getting more popular.  I really wish this format option can be added in the Blurb site in the future.

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