What does black and white photography mean to us?
Back in the heyday of the world of film, black and white photography is the basic.  It is the beginning of photograhy, and of vital importance.
I still remember the days when I started to learn to see things through the lens and get prints from processing and developing films in the darkroom.  Although today many of us have abandoned film and know nothing about the whole process, thanks to websites dedicated to the black and white films such as Ilford, we can still get some handy guides readily online. Ilford still produces films, papers and chemicals.  All of their information are helping those photographers who want to immerse in the great tradition of black and white photography.
Don’t forget processing black and white film brings us back again to understand the physics of light. This is an interesting journey of discovery.
Many of us are taking and publishing black and white photos. However, they are considered bad because the whole picture is just grey.  If you want to know what a quality black and white photo is like, you may learn a bit more about optimising the exposure from the masters of black and white photography such as Ansel Adams’s Zone System through his book The Negative. Sound hard? How about in the digital photography? Don’t worry. Today everything has a shortcut.  If you use Adobe Lightroom, use the Presets in the Library and you can get pretty nice results.  Of course, it is never easy to get a perfect picture.  It is always true: practice makes perfect.
The magic of black and white photography is beyond the monochrome.  If you have an opportunity to see some wonderful black and white photos, especially those taken by the photojournalists in war zones or deadly events, you will be stunned by the power of the stories being told just in just black and white.

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