Who is the big brother?
Big Brother is a fictional character in George Orwell’s 1984.  In this book, Big Brother is the dictator of a state called Oceania and its people are under complete surveillance by the authorities.
Several days ago I watched news on TV and learnt that some shopping malls use technology to track the customers when they step in.  They can tell which shops you visit, how long you have stayed there and even how much you spend by detecting the location of your mobile device.  It can easily be done when you use hook up with the WIFI or use 3G.
The only way you can refuse is to switch off your phone. Some analysts said that this is unavoidable because phone company now knows where you are .  This is done easily because your location service is available for data connection.
This is big brother watching even if this data collection may only have to do with knowing the behaviour of customers.
But can you be smart enough to switch off your mobile when you enter the mall?
The answer is quite simple: you won’t. Sometimes you simply want to let your friend know where you are. I reckon the most common phrase you hear people now speaking to a mobile phone is:  where are you?
So the truth is: we are held captive of technology because we can’t leave home without our mobile phone.

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