Adobe Lightroom 4 beta is now available for download.  Good news for potential and current users at the start of 2012.
Adobe Lightroom 3 has been my main software to handle with all my photos.  It helps me to organise photos into categories, to do everything related to post-processing, and is always a simple (but still very comprehensive and powerful) version of Photoshop.
In a word, just fantastic!
Adobe Lightroom 4 beta is an application software meeting nearly all your needs with digital photo management, processing, editing and displaying.  In addition, it comes with a dedicated tab called Map and another tab providing new feature of publishing to Blurb called Book.
I am yet to play around with Map which handles the GPS data. Sorry I currently have no camera with GPS function so can’t tell how it works.  If you have a  Canon X100 you could try seeing how this works with the photos tagged with GPS data.  This is where Adobe is telling you that they follow closely the growing number of photos using this feature.
The Book tab is amazing.  If you have heard of Blurb, you know they are one of the most popular online publishing sites.  In Book tab in Lightroom 4 there are  more templates than those of the Blurb BookSmart application on your PC or Mac. Just take an example of Cover Design, in Lightroom 4 beta there are 12 different templates.  Of course you could create an entire book with other content templates directly in Lightroom 4 and upload to Blurb. For anyone who wants to create a photo album or a photo book, this feature is just great.  Now everyone can easily become a book editor and a publisher.
I think Lightroom 4 beta has addressed many issues and set the trend of how we handle photos.  It is a step further forward and a great product with value-added features.
The beta version is available for download on the Adobe Lab site.  You can test its full function till the end of March 2012.  If Adobe can set the price for Lightroom 4 as reasonable as Lightroom 3, that would be great news.
If you want to know more Lightroom 4 beta, visit their Q&A page.

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