Want to hear/watch a message from David Suzuki?
Here it is, from a video everyone can watch online.
I still remember I was so impressed when watching a recording of Suzuki on television while I was in the hospital in 2010, probably made from one of his lectures while touring Australia. His idea is clear: human beings are acting against nature.  Climate change is destroying our world and skeptics are pulling our legs of making this earth better.
According to Wikipedia, David Suzuki is an iconic Canadian academic, scientist broadcaster and environmental activist.  Now in this documentary called Force of Nature, Suzuki delivers to the public a last lecture (The Legacy Lecture) in which he describes it as a “distillation of my life and thoughts, my legacy, what I want to say before I die”.
If you still care about the others and the future of our nature, you will find Suzuki is indeed offering us many good tips.  The trouble is, many of us are so arrogant that we don’t want to listen to these advice.

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