Using Toshiba FlashAir SD card on the Leica M

Have you ever thought of transferring files wirelessly from your Leica M Typ 240 to your desktop or laptop computer? Now there is a simple solution:  using a WiFi SD card. The one I bought directly in Australia was through eBay, cheaper if shipped from overseas. WiFi...

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Autumn flowers

  It is amazing to see a garden in which flowers blossom.  Autumn is a season no one dares to miss.  It is also a great season to bring your camera out to capture the spectrum of colours. These two pictures in this blog were captured in my front yard. The camera...

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Leica flash SF 40 impressions – Part 3

The Leica SF 40 is a flashgun fully compatible with the Leica M, the SF 24D is mostly manual. Strangely in term of size, SF 40 and SF 24D are close to be identical.     SF 40 is bigger because of using 4 AA sized batteries.     The flash head of SF...

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Leica flash SF 40 impressions – Part 2

The Leica SF 40 has a guide number (GN) 40 when using a 105 mm lens. For using with a 35mm lens, the GN is 35. It is true that the size of SF 40 is relatively small, at 84mm high. A normal flashgun will be around 140 mm. Many forum posts mentioned that the Leica SF 40...

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Leica flash SF 40 impressions – Part 1

Two years ago I reviewed the compact Leica flash SF24D. If you are still interested in reading it, the link is here. It gave me some good impressions. Its biggest issue is probably the battery, it is not the normal AA type, but 2 CR 123A type batteries. CR123A type of...

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The beauty of light

Without light, there is no photography. Photography captures the beauty of light, extends the boundary beyond our vision. Art at the very beginning is to imitate reality, but now art expresses or re-process reality in a new form or manner. Leica M is a simple camera,...

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